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Swiftlee Ads Get more customers with a simple and ecological street marketing solution

From its years of experience and expertise in the field of communication and digital marketing, Swiftlee was constantly keen to develop new techniques as well as new tools to seduce consumers and the population in general, as its main objective is to charm individuals in order to trigger a marketing buzz and stand out from traditional advertising.

The distribution of support such as flyers, leaflets, samples or various classic forms of display is in the past!

Reach the right offline audience at the right time

Today, with swiftlee it is finished the ordinary methods of advertising, a new original and innovative practice is imposed consisting in combining power (number of exposed contacts) and impact in terms of image and memorization.

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Generate traffic in your store

Swiftlee whose characteristic is to address all individuals in society without exception thanks to its electric tricycles equipped with 2 4K LED display screens broadcasting various advertising content and possibly non-profit awareness messages, thus constituting a new, exceptional, innovative, and at the same time ecological communication medium.

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Decide where to run your ad

Swiftlee Ads offers valuable local advertising tools, which can very well replace flyers or other catalogs you may be used to use to find new customers around you.

Solutions for every industry

Swiftlee Ads are designed for businesses of all sizes and purposes and can help you reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals.

Nos Meilleures Packs

1296MAD TTCPar Mois
  • 1 Tricycle publicitaires

  • 1 ville

  • 3 heures de publicité par mois

  • 6 minutes de diffusion par jour

2592MAD TTCPar Mois
  • 3 Tricycles Publicitaires

  • 2 Villes

  • 6 heures de publicité par mois

  • 12 minutes de diffusion par jour

3888MAD TTCPar Mois
  • 5 Tricycles Publicitaires

  • 3 Villes

  • 9 Heures de Publicité par mois

  • 18 Minutes de diffusion par jour

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